Peter Zallinger
Associate Professor of Drawing and Painting
Lyme Academy College of Fine Arts, Old Lyme, Connecticut

“I circled the gallery several times as I juried this show, and each time found something more to like. Ultimately, I had a hard time narrowing down my choices to the three listed below. If I’d continued to circle, it would have become increasingly difficult. Congratulations to all who entered; it’s a very good show.

Although I ranked my three choices, I consider them to be of equal merit. The selections were made using traditional guidelines; I was looking for a combination of composition and content, where the former supported the latter.”

Laura Williams, “Sunset” (#236)
This photograph represents for me the perfect quiet moment. There is a sentimental quality to it that verges on the saccharine; but it doesn’t step over that line. I kept coming back to this image.

Laura Williams, “The Bather” (#235)
This photo is a classic study of the pristine – a golden girl in pure and clean surroundings.

Jill Corr, “New England Science and Sailing Foundation (NESS) Makes a Difference in the Lives of Many” (#56)
In many ways the opposite of Laura Williams’ Sunset, this is the perfect noisy moment. Crammed full of color and activity, it still maintains a sense of order. There is no threat in its crowded format, and not a hint of unpleasantness. Just good fun.


Enthusiastic Visitor to the Average Joe Photo Show installation
(our randomly selected “average joe”…)

“I found the exhibition fun and interesting because it is a way for people to show their own photographs – and it is compelling that the photos can be taken by anyone.”

Jill Corr, “Faces at the Newseum, Washington D.C.” (#48)
“Because the photograph kind of tricks you”

Kelly Phillips, “Climber” (#172)
“A very good color scheme”

Jill Corr, “Flight Entertainment” (#53)
“It just gets me”


Kim Tyler, Kim Tyler Photography

“AJPS is a brilliant concept and I feel grateful to be invited this year as a juror. Inspiring folks to capture and create with the little electrically charged squares they carry in their pocket… It’s a pleasure to see how many creative ways the theme is interpreted and executed. So many winning images were created but I was especially drawn to images that made me want to know more about the subjects. What are they feeling and what kind of story do they have to tell ?”

Diane Arbus said, “A photograph is a secret about a secret.”

Laura Williams, “The Bather
I found the simplistic impact of this image irresistible. There is beauty in the routine of life.  It’s inviting, intimate and makes me want to know more about what this little girl is reflecting on. It’s a beautifully captured outtake from a busy little life. Sometimes the time spent reflecting on the making of the memory, is even more satisfying than the actual moment the memory was made.

Leighton Gleicher, “The Tricycle
I want to know where they’re going and what their secret to happiness is!

Leighton Gleicher, “Here Lies Love
I feel very strongly about the potential for connection between humans and animals and what we can learn from them if we really listen.


Tabulated from votes cast for the favorite photograph among gallery visitors to the Lori Warner Studio/Gallery in Chester, Connecticut from 7 February – 3 April 2016 (extended dates)

FIRST PLACE (equal votes)
Christopher Steiner, “Capturing Moments: My Selfie” (#211)
Leighton Gleicher, “My Mother’s Hands” (#104)

Kelly Phillips, “The Dragonfly” (#171)

THIRD PLACE (equal votes)
Katherine Flaherty, “Little Mermaid” (#88)
Laura Williams, “The Bather” (#235)